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5 of 5 starsReviewed June 17, 2013       ***** (5 star)
Captain Mikey, Kirkwood, MO

“Stop. Looking. Now.
You can waste your time looking at other outfitters, comparing itineraries, destinations, prices, etc. But I highly doubt you will find a better experience than traveling with Greg Pflug and Adventures in Florida. I recently went on his seven day Buffalo River trip in Arkansas and had a great experience.
So please understand that the following review is not in reference to the day tours.
Here’s why:
a) He is a talented and creative chef, who works hard to make meals interesting and tasty.
b) Unlike several outdoor guides I have encountered, he does NOT have a patronizing, superior attitude towards his clients. He makes you feel welcome.
I flipped over in my kayak (my fault-no one was hurt) and he didn’t offer any unsolicited advice as to what I should have done differently . I appreciated that.
c) He is well-organized and safe, but without a whiff of martinet about him. He is unhurried, but we got done what needed to be done.
d) He is interested in local culture. Highlights of our trip were excursions to a couple of local restaurants, which not only offered down home cooking (whatever that really means) but GOOD down home cooking.
e) He is truly a character. I have been on two trips with him and have only heard one or two jokes repeated. He is a raconteur of the first order and is nothing if not consistent in his disdain for concentrated power of any sort.
f) If you are really lucky, one (or maybe both) of his sons may accompany him on a trip. Not only is Greg a great trip leader, his is, more importantly, a great (if unorthodox) father. His younger son happened to go along on this past trip and enlivened the trip for all of us with his energy and playfulness.

I will travel with Adventures in Florida again and unreservedly recommend the company.”

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  1. Hey, Capt Mikey, You got it right! Your review of Adventures in Florida with Greg Pflug was just perfect! I just finished a week with the birds and paddles (my second trip with Greg) and have to say it was again the most delightful week. Did a lot of laughing (despite birding), eating the best Florida has to offer (how did he become a chef, too?), good company and accommodations.
    I’ll be going again!

    • Thanks Marilynn, its friends like yourself that make traveling with Adventures in Florida so much fun. Looking forward to our next adventure on the water together. For the record, My wonderful and loving Mother taught and inspired me to cook and cook well.

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